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Walking with the wounded - please help me to help them

I have worked within the infrastructure and construction industry since 2007 and have met MANY lovely colleagues who are ex-forces who have also transitioned into fabulous new careers, civilian side.

Other veterans are not so lucky. 

Life is hard.  Life can change in the blink of an eye and if you don't have support of friends or family life can become overwhelming.  That's where Walking with the Wounded come in.

In 2015 you may remember BBC DIY SOS transformed a derelict street into a veterans community? An amazing community effort - Prince Harry and Prince William even got stuck in! It was obvious what this meant to the vets who moved onto the street - to have a place to call their own and to have a helping hand in 'getting' straight'. They had hope.

Fast forward to 2018, and by total chance I met the team at Canada Street, and got involved with their amazing work. You can read about my 'defining moment' halfway down my colleague's blog here: ttps://vgcgroup.co.uk/blog/csr-not-just-pink-fluff/.

I may not have gone to war. I may not have defended my country.  But I may be able to help someone who has.  I can fundraise today to support Gary, Tommy, Vicky and Joel's work with these guys and gals...but I also hope that I can collaborate with my customers to help support people back into permanent employment, by identifying suitable infrastructure and construction projects we can use for entry level positions into our industry.

Once a veteran has their foot in the door, VGC Group can support them through their training and development to again rise through the ranks, this time, civilian side. 


- my cousin who served a maximum term in the Army, having lost her dad, a paratrooper in the Falklands War.  She is now a civilian once again, has retrained; transitioned into a new career and carried on with her life, although she misses her services family.  She is inspiring and my whole family is so proud of her and her service.

- my great uncle Leslie was in Bomber Command and died in action in WW2, he was just 20 years old. http://www.bombercrew.com/51/annis.htm



I'm supporting our service veterans. Are you with me?

I've joined a team taking on the Cumbrian Challenge - a fantastic day in the hills near Grasmere in the Lake District. We will be walking alongside teams of veterans who are getting their lives back on track, thanks to Walking With The Wounded. 

My ask is quite simple. Please sponsor me for a couple of pounds, or maybe sign up a team to join us? 

Why? We're the lucky ones with jobs, families, homes. Most people leave the military without any issue, but for a small minority it isn't so easy. 

Walking With The Wounded support the veterans who are struggling with their mental health, who are hard to reach, socially isolated, homeless, in police custody... men and women with little to look forward to but who want to get back into society and employment – which is at the heart of what we do.

They put their everything on the line for us.  Please help me and my team hit our £2k target. Every £675 can enable a veteran to access 1-2-1 private mental health therapy within an average of 4 days of referral. Imagine that.

Thank you so much in advance for your support. We really appreciate it!


Jackie x

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Good on you, Jackie, for helping such a worthy cause.


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Best of luck Jackie and team!


Jackie Cuthbert

Go Team VGC&ATC!!!


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Good Luck! Hope it doesn't rain too much!


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I hope it stays dry and that you have a good weekend


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Good luck, great cause Love from a Vet (not the animal type 😆)


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Good luck Jack


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Good luck!


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Great work Jackie x