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Social Enterprise Manager at All Together Cumbria

We did it!!!

I am soooo PROUD of our achievement yesterday and for having the opportunity to take part in such an amazing challenge.

We are not the fittest bunch of 40 something ladies that you will ever meet, but we proved we have hearts of lions yesterday. We hit the wall repeatedly peak after peak after peak. It was truly exhausting, it hurt, it made us feel sick and at times questioning if we can make it to the end. But what kept us moving forwards was knowing that this all paled into insignificance when we compared what we was going through, to that of what our Forces men and women go through sometimes on a daily basis...truly inspiring people ❤️

We are humbled to have been able to walk side by side with some of these amazing folk yesterday and learn about the brilliant support they had received from the Walking With The Wounded organisation🥰

3 Peaks (Helm Crag, Gibson Knott and Calf Crag), 32,228 steps, 6.5 hours of non stop hiking and a sprint (of sorts) to the finish line...a day we will never forget 🙏

To those of you who have already donated, you are true hero’s and we are incredibly grateful 😘

There’s still time to show your support to me, my friends and those amazing men and women that work so hard to protect us all, please if you can donate and help us to achieve our target of £3,000 we would be incredibly great-full ❤️

Please donate by simply clicking on the link below

Ewe made it to Great Ormside!

This weekend we made it to Great Ormside - Just a little over 11k, but enough to get the calves working/aching!

Plenty of wee lambies to make you coo on these were the only photos I took :)

No major incidents or accidents on this occassion (Well a barbed wire scratch and a near mud face plant count as major in my book so this week was uneventful in comparision) - we did see a dear though run past us in the woods which was pretty spectacular.  I had never see a dear in the wild before, so it was a 'bucket list' item moment for me.

Next week Im gonna have to step my game up and go for 15k - just to make sure my short stumpy legs can cope with the strain.  Ive got a new pair of hikers coming this week though, so lets hope they help too.

Fund raising is going really just £170 short of my goal woohoo!!!  Thank you to all you amazing folks who have donated, this really means so much to so many people xxxxx

Enjoy the lamb pic!

She fell over!!!!

I fell over 🤪

Today was my 1st proper training hike in practice for the Cumbrian Challenge and it was only 6 miles but seeing as I haven’t done anything except walk to and from my car these past couple of years, I am actually quite pleased with myself.

We see some stunning scenery, beautiful hills, fabulous waterfalls and a whole bunch of mud 😂

I started off with my hiking boots, but after about 2 miles they started to rub so I switched to my trainers...which was probably why I slipped down the bank and landed in the mud pool. This wasn’t my finest moment as I ended up grabbing the barbed wire to steady my fall 😳 ouchy.  Fortunately I just have a little scratch, but I still feel a little sympathy was required, but Alan just roared with laughter instead 😡

So anyway I survived hike number 1 and actually really enjoyed myself. I guess now though I better step things up a little bit more and start adding some inclines eak 😳

If you would like to show your support by sparing a few pennies then that would be hugely appreciated ❤️🥰❤️

Thank you 😘

UPDATE: I guess now the training needs to begin...

Well now Ive launched my fund raising page, I guess the training has to begin.  My biggest treck of the day is usualy back and forth to the car when driving to and from I think I am going to have to raise my game.

Yesterday I started by walking at lunch time...I managed 30 minutes yesterday around Westlakes Science Park, and then again another 30 minutes today woohoo!  I also only had 1 pancake this evening (Shrove Tuesday), so it would be fair to say, so far I am taking this seriously :)

Keep up the great work Sarah :)


Are you able to help me to make a real difference?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

My bobble hat in my profile photo may give the impression that I am someone who 'frequently' hikes, however this photo was taken over 3 years ago and I have barely hiked 5 yards since then…

Whilst taking part in the Cumbrian Challenge may feel like 'a journey of a thousand miles' to me and like it's going to be somewhat of a challenge, in truth this really pales into insignificance when you compare it to many of the daily challenges faced by our Veterans who have served in the British Army.

Through a chance conversation with my colleague Jackie from VGC and Allan Day at BAE Systems, I was truly inspired to hear about the great work undertaken by the Walking With The Wounded (WWTW) organisation, so much so that I somehow talked myself into taking that 'single step' and joining a team to take part in the Cumbrian Challenge -  a 'big old day hauling ourselves around the hills (I prefer to call them mountains) in Grasmere in the Lake District, alongside teams of Veterans who are getting their lives back on track thanks to the support of Walking With The Wounded.

About Walking With The Wounded and why I want to help.

Established in 2010, Walking With The Wounded (WWTW) supports a pathway for vulnerable veterans to re-integrate back into society and sustain their independence. At the heart of this journey is employment. 

WWTW recognise the inherent skills of our armed service personnel and want to complement these qualities, as well as provide support to transfer their skills into the civilian workplace. Offering assistance through programmes to those vulnerable veterans who have been physically, mentally or socially disadvantaged by their service and providing assistance in sustaining their independence through new sustainable careers outside of the military.

As the Social Enterprise Manager for all Together Cumbria (ATC) I am extremely passionate about our organisations vision 'To work in partnership with industry and the community to provide greater equity and opportunity for people living & working in Cumbria', which aligns perfectly to WWTW.  At ATC we believe that through facilitating mutually beneficial Industry partnerships with organisations such as Walking With The Wounded, that together we can really make a difference that actually change lives.

Having the opportunity to meet personally with many of the inspirational men and women from WWTW and take part with them in the Cumbrian Challenge, will not only be a fantastic way to raise money to enable their great work to continue, but it will also give me a greater insight into the many struggles faced by our Veterans.  This will enable me to determine how ATC can provide greater support in the future, and perhaps even help some of our Veterans back into employment.

We're the lucky ones with jobs, families, homes.

Most people leave the military without any issue, but for a small minority it isn't so easy. 

Walking With The Wounded support the veterans who are struggling with their mental health, who are hard to reach, socially isolated, homeless, in police custody... men and women with little to look forward to but who want to get back into society and employment – which is at the heart of what WWTW do.

Are you able to help me?

I hope my ask of you is not to big…are you able to help me by donating a few pounds to such a fantastic cause and help me to reach my goal of raising £500? 

My team target is £2K - every £675 raised can enable a veteran to access 1-2-1 private mental health therapy within an average of 4 days of referral. If my team can raise £2k this will mean that 3 Veterans can access these therapies, Imagine that…

Please dig deep, every penny, every pound truly makes a difference. 

Thank you kindly in advance for your support, and on behalf of our team (Jackie @ VGC and Tracy @ ATC), it really is appreciated.

Sarah x

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